Saturday, 27 September 2008


The Cute card thursday challenge this week was Sparkle. You are going to have to trust me-it does sparkle on the trees! I made 6 similar last week, 3 blue and 3 red/green in an effort to use up craft stash and not buy anymore xmas bits........................................................

Since then I have bought a pad of dovecraft paper and 5 packs of xmas stamps-so the spending ban begins again now!

My favourite picture this week came from my 6yr old niece Charlie-evidently this is how I now look!

She is so excited about the baby and keeps asking questions-has she got eyelashes yet? what colour are her eyes? hehehe

She's a talented girl-she beat me on the rock cake competetition yesterday-I made 13 but she and Nanny made 15 (grandad did admit some were a bit on the small side!)

I've finally finished my CJ to send off this week so today's list is 2 bookmarks for a swap on Carolyn's and a birthday card with a guitar on-wish me luck!

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Andrea, said...

Fab card, I love the papers. Thanks for joining in the CCT challenge

Kathy said...

Great card Nick and that drawing is just fab!

Jackie said...

Great card Twinnie :)

I can definitely see the resemblance in the 'portrait'....I knew it was you as soon as I saw it! LOL