Saturday, 29 August 2009

2 in 1

The challenge for DCM this week was to use 5 inchies, but my card also covers the Saturday challenge on secret crafter which is Flights of Fancy

I wasn't sure how much I was going to be able to use this stamp set so I put off buying it for quite a while but I'm very glad I did now, I've used it alot already

The card at the top of the post should be down here-but Blogger isn't obliging today!! We had a textile challenge on Crafts by carolyn- I made this one with a square from one of CJ's old t-shirts and an assortment of old buttons

Thanks for looking

Thursday, 6 August 2009

wow-3 cards in one day!

This hasn't happened since before I had CJ-she seems to be finally getting the idea evenings are for sleep, and for mummy to make cards again!
So a very simple thank you card for some presents CJ was given at the weekend-these baby papers are going on forever!!

The theme for cute card thursday was red and teal-the same colours as my kitchen!
Off to bed-thanks for looking!

DCM challenge

The challenge on DCM this week (well technically last week) was Bejewelled Blitz-I now have Lythan to thank for a fast growing addiction to this game!

I know I'm tempting fate but Claudie has started sleeping better in the evenings so I may finally get some card making time back!

I have managed a bit of hand sewing-its easier to do in the living room when she's playing

A noughts and crosses set for my niece's 7th birthday-I made a linen bag to store it in too but was up against a deadline and didn't get to photograph it

and a hat for CJ from a sewing mag pattern-it did annoy me they only gave this one size for it-after all you had to enlarge the pattern by 115% to begin with, how hard would it have been to work out how much more you needed to enlarge it for bigger sizes?

Still she likes it and its the only hat she doesn't immediately try to pull of her head
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