Monday, 29 October 2007

DCM challenge x 2

I didn't get any time to craft all weekend ;-( so I'm going to try to make up for it through the week-especially since my Bind it All arrived today!I have a few ideas for little books/albums for my sisters for Christmas so I'd love some time to play.

I got a card order done tonight and finally 2 cards for the DCM's friday challenge, "Wrap it in Ribbon".
I used my Poundland stickers for these-still got loads left on the sheet but I'm saving the snowmen till last cos they are sooo cute

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Aren't they cool??

I had to have them, had some idea of covering them in paper- but thats as far as it got-any ideas?
Hubby cannot understand why, if I didn't know what I was going to do with 1 I bought 3!

Some more cards for bex's challenges

3 for the Snow challenge and a swing card

I don't have much time to craft this weekend, so I'm off to do my DCM card for this week, got some lovely xmas stickers in Poundland to use

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Not had much to blog lately-I've spent evenings this week cooking (theres a great new cooking forum I've joined) , starting back at the gym (ouch)and generally clearing the decks so Si can paint the kitchen at the weekend and I can go out for the day Sunday.
I'm off to my friend Sue's for a local HMSA meet up-and I'm really looking forward to it.

I have made a few cards- 3 snowmen ones for a challenge at Bex's forum
and 1 for the Cut it up challenge at Carolyns

I also had some greta news I made the Design Team for Craftfairies new website (coming soon). I'm really looking forward to playing with some of the mini albums and bits she sells

Monday, 22 October 2007

Finally some craft time! I have a list of challenges a mile long-but I've managed to do a few last night and this morning. Sio Foo fighters on full blast and off we go....

Its the Daring Cardmakers 1st Birthday this week and the challenge was a Circle of Friends

Then my first couple of challenges for Bex's forum. Challenge 1- Fasten it

Challenge 6- Tags, I did 4 not 3 cos I have 4 little ones to buy for. I stole Bex's idea of putting their names on the front too

I still had a couple of challenges to do from Carolyns forum too, a Play on Words using an old Wildflower stamps set-I forgot I had these

and the All Cut up challenge, well you'll have to wait for that. How long does Anitas 3D gloss take to dry? I tried to speed one set up with a heat gun, not reccomended!!!

Off to do some more

Thursday, 18 October 2007

A little inspiration needed

Only one card today- from a template I found on a great blog

I started making adoption cards when my sis adopted my gorgeous niece and then my nephew a year later-I have a very small online shop selling adoption cards now,good thing I like making kids designs, although I admit I struggle with girls cards-boys are always more fun!
I still have another 2 to make for my niece for other family members to send to her and 3 for my nephew, as well as another birthday card for him!I need some inspiration please -every Christmas I try to make a little something handcrafted for my sisters, Mum and best mate. I've saved these little kilner style jars to tart up-but what to fill them with? They are pretty small, about 4 inches high and 3 inches across-any ideas would be greatfully received!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Found it!

I've found my holly stamp so I could finish the challenge on Carolyns forum-What no ink pad
He's the same hedgehog stamp as before but I just left off the flowers and snail.

Still in the Christmas theme I forgot I'd made my snowman last week and not taken his photo

and finally the last of my jobs for today was to make a little paperbag album for the sunshine albums Ellen is collecting up

I've left it quite plain inside but put lots of disney and fishy stickers in the pockets

Doesn't he looked sweet? Like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth-except he's just chewed through the valance sheet on my spare bed-little monster! Bert normally lives in the kitchen and utility room, but while we are (still) having the kitchen refitted he and Ernie have had to move upstairs (seperate bedromms of course)
Somehow I don't think Bert is too happy about it

Only made a couple of cards so far today but I'm feeling virtuous cos I've tackled 90% of my to-do list too

First card is for my sister to give to my mum-her birthday is Christmas day so I'm getting ahead of myself

I was never a fan of these cute stamps-hubby talked me into buying him though and I'm converted, I've used him about 4 times since the weekend but with holly leaves instead of flowers. I still think £8.50 is alot for one stamp though, I guess I'm just used to buying cheap unmounted ones from the States now.

I now can't find my holly stamps so I'm in a huff!

This one is for the DCM midweek challenge-a card with a christmas tree. I love these little Dovecraft clear stamo sets and at £1.49 each pack you can't go wrong (well until you lose your favourite set with the holly leaves on)

Monday, 15 October 2007

Not alot has changed here-I'm off sick again with this cold/chest infection and the kitchen is still being done!

I did get some cards made for the Alternative Christmas card challenge at Bex's forum-all using non-christmas papers. Some are from old SA kits, a couple are from the DCWV Retro pack.

The Penny Black hedgehog actually has flowers round him-but I stamped him without them and added some holly

I bought a load of new Christmas stamps at Art of Craft at the weekend so its been a greta challenge to have a play.
Off for a sleep-might manage a couple more later

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Me again!

Twice in a day-not likely to ever happen again I promise!!
I've been admiring the paisley challenge cards on Bex's forum, but I didn't think I had any paisley. Well I just found some

I think the paper was from a very old Self Adressed kit

and for the first time in ages, I've managed a mid week dare from the DCM

The challenge was to make a christmas card with the main theme as words. Its a little difficult to see but the tree is made up of the words to the carol "Oh Christmas tree"


I officially have the sniffles, and have been told to stay away from work so I don't spread the germs (bit late I caught it from my sis Helen who I work with)

So in between sneezing I've been catching up on some challenges

Two for Sue's challenge over on Bex's forum

I much prefer the second one, and I've just realised they also qualify for the old and new challenge, the first one is old DCWV paper from last year, the reindeer one is new Papermania paper

I've also made my first ever Halloween card for my niece and nephew

The ghost is a Dingbat (picture font) downloaded free from the web-they are so handy you can find them in almost any subject

Despite feeling bleurgh its nice to be crafting again. I've not done much for the last month or so , been on drugs for our third (sadly unsuccessful) IVF attempt and they knock me for six, so I've been in bed by 8.30 every night
I'm taking 2 days holiday next week, one to clean the new kitchen and put stuff away, and one to craft.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

I've not been crafting much lately-life's just got in the way. Had a big disappointment, picked myself up and I'm getting back into my crafting

I've actually made a card today

Not particularly inspired but its a start!

I've also started on a paper bag circle journal too-this I'm alot happier with

Off into Basingstoke to buy a pressie to go with the card(well you can;t go wrong with Game vouchers) but I feel a trip into Next to treat myself coming on. I have already treated myself to a handbag in Sainsburys this morning-but thats food shopping so it doesn't really count does it?

Then a Wii and chinese evening at friends-well we eat the chinese then wait till about 10.30, have one quick game and try to convince ourselves we've worked off all the calories!

Hoping to have lots more crafting time tomorrow. I want to sort through my (too small) fabric pile. I've been buying new books and got a couple of great craft ones so I want to start making some more Christmas softies