Thursday, 20 September 2007

Its been a long time-sorry, but I've not been feeling very crafty lately. Got a few days off now so I'm trying to crack on with the Christmas cards for my Avon lady's gift shop.

But first-hows this for a bargain? I got them at a car boot sale for £2, hundreds of little magnetic scrabble letters-perfect for cards

The next two fit last weeks DCM challenge-yes I am that behind!

I'm having a new kitchen fitted in 10 days time-not looking forward to the mess, or the amount of clearing out we have to do beforehand-anyone near Alton want a chest freezer? Its free just come and take him away-please!!!!


Angelnorth said...

Ohh, great bargain Nick - well done! Love the baby's first Christmas cards - they're both fab!

Kathy said...

nah, you're not late, you've got ages yet - late is getting your card on the new blog about 1 minute before the launch - and that happens regularly around the dcm team....hehehe

You too with the new kitchen? Must be the time for it, that's at least THREE people I know of doing that particular fun little event atm!

Hazel said...

Lovely cards. And what a bargain those letters were.

Gillian :O) said...

Yep we are finishing pulling the kitchen out this weekend too...
the newbie one goes in on Monday, and your right it's a huge mess!
but won't it be lovely when we have our new kitchens :O)
back to the your scrummy cards!!!
lovely work, esp love that middle blue one!