Saturday, 6 October 2007

I've not been crafting much lately-life's just got in the way. Had a big disappointment, picked myself up and I'm getting back into my crafting

I've actually made a card today

Not particularly inspired but its a start!

I've also started on a paper bag circle journal too-this I'm alot happier with

Off into Basingstoke to buy a pressie to go with the card(well you can;t go wrong with Game vouchers) but I feel a trip into Next to treat myself coming on. I have already treated myself to a handbag in Sainsburys this morning-but thats food shopping so it doesn't really count does it?

Then a Wii and chinese evening at friends-well we eat the chinese then wait till about 10.30, have one quick game and try to convince ourselves we've worked off all the calories!

Hoping to have lots more crafting time tomorrow. I want to sort through my (too small) fabric pile. I've been buying new books and got a couple of great craft ones so I want to start making some more Christmas softies

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Hazel said...

Love the peek at the CJ and also the card. Hope you enjoy your evening, Nick (mmmm Chinese - haven't had any for a looooong time)