Saturday, 9 August 2008

another one off the list!

Its my niece's 6th Birthday tomorrow-that makes me feel so old!!!

I recently bought a 12 x 12 dovecraft pad with all kids designs-should make those little girls cards so much easier
I used a sketch from 2sketches4you for inspiration

Just 2 anniversary cards to make now (one to give the inlaws tomorrow) then I've finished August. I have a load of thank you cards to make for the charity residential weekend next month, I like to give a card to all the speakers and helpers-I've only done about 3 so far

My neck has been pretty unstable lately so the cardmaking has slowed down, it was likely to happen when I fell pregnant so I was kinda prepared for it but its still very annoying. I've found writing a list in Excel of cards needed for the month is just about helping me keep on track although I'm not convinced at this rate I'm going to managed christmas cards for everyone this year-unless I come up with 1 or 2 simple designs and stick to them!


Kazan Clark said...

Your Niece is going to LOVE this card - I LOVE this card. It is perfect for a 6 year old :) Glad we could help you check off you list Nick :)

Jacey's Mom said...

Very cute card! I'm a sucker for pink.
Take care,

moralia said...

Awww.. SO sweet!!! This is such a perfect card for a little girl!! Thanks for playing along with 2S4Y this week! :)

Joke said...

This is a super card for a 6 year old girl. Just lovely!
Congrats to your niece.


Delilah H. said...

That card is so cute. She'll love it!

LisaBabe said...

Gorgeous card Nick. Sure your niece will love it.

Lisa xoxo