Sunday, 3 August 2008

Its catch up day

Finally got a day off with nothing planned so its catch up day! I have another 3 cards to make yet, my desk to clear (maybe) and some photos to print off, to make up into a mini album for my sis (sorry Sal its only taken me 2 months!)

But first-yet more personalised cards-seems to have been alot of them this month. I was running out of ideas till I saw Di Hickmans template this week-it was perfect for the job.
Mia is about 8 i think so no baby designs allowed

Ruby's card is straight honestly, I've just given up trying to scan it so you can see the charm and get it straight at the same time!

Off to get breakfast then back to work,

Thanks for looking

1 comment:

Di Hickman said...

hehehe I feel your scanning pain! Lumpy cards never scan straight! Love these, perfect cards! TFS!