Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I've moved (hopefully)

Well wordpress was driving me nuts so I've shuffled over here. Please excuse the duplicate post from the old blog!

Finally taken the plunge-I’ve ordered a wormery! I’ve wanted one for ages and after a natter with a friend this afternoon I decided to go for it-my parents will of course think I’m mad.
We’re trying to go green as much as practically and financially possible- we need another 2 water butts and a compost bin yet. for some reason DH wouldn’t empty out mine and bring it when we moved house!
I decided to take the day off today-so got more of the jungle hacked back- the hedge was 7ft deep in places then had a coffee with a friend and then made a few cards-all in all a nice relaxing day
This is for the Daring Cardmakers mid week challenge-it had to be stripey and dotty.

Next was for the Caarvarks challenge-it had to include fibres-I normally end up making tags when I use fibres so I tried really hard to be different!

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Paula said...

Gorgeous cards.
Im actually getting pig sick of blogger. Especially now they have put restrictions on uploads before your expected to pay for more space!!!