Friday, 2 January 2009

I only have 3 birthday cards needed now for January-but thought I ought to get a move on with the baby due soon!
This sketch is from the Friday Sketchers-was more challenging than I thought it would be but I enjoyed it

I've also finally made a little project I had planned for months-a box for the kitchen for all the coupons-I'm fed up with them falling off the fridge door!

Its a Molton Brown smellies box -had it for ages meaning to get around to tarting it up. I'm going to use the lid to make one for the hall for stamps, used stamps and letters to post

I didn't get much crafty stuff for christmas-except a lovely pink scrapbook from my friend and a hobbycraft voucher which i spent sensibly on a new paper trimmer (oh and the new alphabet stamps I used on the box)

We did order 2 towel bales from Next with a gift voucher we had-and look at all the lovely twill ribbon that came round them!!! I can use the plain reversed side-unless anyone can think up a card sentiment using the word Next??
There's nearly 2 metres of each colour ;-)

I'll need some more thank you cards for when the baby is born-luckily thats the challenge on DCM this week so off to make a few more
Thanks for looking!


tiggertastic said...

such a lovely card, and a very good idea with the coupons box.

happy new year

sarah x

SueF said...

Happy New Year Nick
Love the card, I've got the butterfly stamp but not used it yet and the box is a great way to keep your coupons organised
All the best for 2009

tiggertastic said...

thank you for your comment on my blog, i just wanted to pop over and wish you the very best with your birth of your little one,

sarah x

Sarah said...

I love the coupon box Nick, I keep meaning to make one as are forever losing coupons here!! Hope you're putting your feet up! xx

tiggertastic said...

Hi hun, please check out
it is up and running

Sarah x